Viduthalai Part 1 Extended Version: What makes the difference?

Vetrimaaran is one director who always different versions of his films in his mind and on matter. Even for Vada Chennai, there was a theatrical version, an uncut version which circulated on overseas platforms and finally the all-friendly version on Hotstar. It is interesting that his latest release in Viduthalai Part 1 too has two versions – the theatrical version and the extended version on OTT which is longer by 16 minutes.

In the extended version of the film, Vetrimaaran has a more seamless approach towards his scenes, where there is a stronger explanation of ‘why’ he does things.

  • Vetrimaaran has few seconds extra to many scenes in the first 30 minutes of the film, which steady the pace of the film and do not smash it up like the theatrical version. There is a stronger understanding to the picture. 
  • Vetrimaaran has added more clarity to the scenes where an investigation takes on Soori’s character, by adding an extra angle to the scenes. 
  • There are an array of extra weight added to the supporting characters of the film, which gives it more purpose throughout.

On the whole, Viduthalai’s extended version is more effective in giving us a stronger value to the film, and more interest into the characters and their purpose in the film.

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