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A template Sasi film!

Toting up, Vetrivel is a template village entertainer with a neat performance from Sasikumar & team.

Cast: Sasi Kumar, Miya George, Nikhila, Prabhu, Viji Chandrasekar, Thambi Ramaiah, Ilavarasu, Renuka, Ananth Nag & others

Cinematography: SR Kathir

Music: D Imman

Editing: AL Ramesh

Written & Directed by: VasanthaMani

Produced by: Ravindran for Trident Arts

Distribution: Lyca Productions

Run Time: 02:21:00

Release Date: 22-04-2016

Vetrivel is a family drama with a screen full of well known cast that keeps the time ticking with a template formula of commercial cinema from director Vasanthamani. A village backdrop again for Sasikumar and it’s certainly a comfort zone for the director/actor who scores with his usual dialogues and message whenever needed.  The director has chosen a less risky plot, executed well with the cast despite being predictable. There’s nothing much to wonder for the audience since they seem to guess even the toughest twists like a cakewalk. As a viewer, they need to come across such formulaic films too once in a while to prove that the industry is still following the culture.

Briefly put, Vetrivel is no exception since it follows the same template with Sasikumar playing  a typical village guy who drops out from school and faces the questions from his dad Ilavarasu, a teacher but constantly patted by his mother Renuka. He also has a brother who falls in love with Prabhu’s daughter a big shot in nearby village. A simple guess Sasikumar takes in charge for his brother’s love and brings back the team from Nadaodigal to kidnap Prabhu’s daughter and by mistake they kidnap Nikhila. From there sasikumar becomes responsible for all the collapse and how he solves these is the twist for the entire plot.

An emotional one indeed and has highlighted the frame with some sentimental performance, on the other side Mia George comes in as a professor in the Agricultural college. She plays Sasikumar’s love interest and she certainly looks attractive in her portions.

Did Vetrivel succeed by helping his brother’s love, how he reacts to Nikhila situation and what happens with Mia George is packed well for the family audience.  If there is really any expectation from Sasikumar, then he has given it all.

Prabhu has set the tone with his role, along with viji chandrasheker as his sister, who takes on her brother who she believes is responsible for her husband’s death. Thambi Ramiah does adequate job with his giggles, and others have done justice to their roles as required. Toting up, Vetrivel is a watchable commercial drama.

Vetrivel Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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Written by MG Vijayan