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A Befitting 25th Film!

Velai Illa Pattadhari is a befitting 25th film for Dhanush. The film irresistibly succeeds in what it sets out to do, to entertain and it looks rightly enough with a wafer-thin plot like this.

Cast : Dhanush, Amala Paul, Samuthirakani, Vivek, Saranya, Surabhi, Sathish, Amitash, Hrishikesh, Cell Murugan & Others

Music : Anirudh

Editing : Rajesh Kumar

Written – Direction – Cinematography : Velraj

Production : Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films

Distribution : Escape Artists Motion Pictures

Release Date : 18-07-2014

Run Time : 02:13:00 

Velai Illa Pattadhari is a befitting 25th film for Dhanush. It’s refreshing to see him as a casual boy-next-door. After satisfying himself with a series of performance-oriented roles in Mayakkam Enna, 3 and Maryaan, his thoughtful decision to churn out a family entertainer as a 25th film has worked well.

A jobless and reduntant Dhanush, an affable Amala Paul as his girl-next-door, a doting and highly affectionate Saranya Ponvanna as mother, an ever-ranting father and a hapless Amitesh as villain – there you have a quintessential plot for an entertaining Dhanush film. It is exactly these five characters the movie revolves around.  The film irresistibly succeeds in what it sets out to do, to entertain and it looks rightly enough with a wafer-thin plot like this.

Towards the end, credits tell us that the film is dedicated to all the engineering students. That’s a really smart move. The ratio between the engineering students who graduate every year and those who get employment is a burning issue. Unemployment has always been a compelling issue and Vel Raj has utilized it superbly understanding the pulse of the youth audience and woven a script around it – The rise of an underdog. In this case, the rise of an unemployed engineering graduate against all odds.

The first half is vintage Dhanush all the way. In fact, the film in itself feels like a one-man show towards the end. The first half is laced with highly entertaining situational comedies. The camaraderie between Dhanush and every other character is well thought-out and neatly written. The dusky Amala Paul is perfectly cast and dons salwar kameez throughout the film, which is so bracing for a change. You will hear myriad number of bells ringing in your mind right from the beginning of the film. Samuthirakani’s ramblings will take you down the memory lane and remind you of Manicka Vinayagam in Thiruda Thirudi, Raghuvaran in Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Murali in Polladhavan and Mouli in Thiruvilaiyaadal Aaramabam. But, you should give it to director Vel Raj for taking the challenge head-on considering Dhanush’s troubled relationships with father characters in most of his films. Samuthrakani’s character is nicely under-played and effectively used here.

The interval twist is one of the most clichéd scenes in the history of Tamil cinema. After that, the screenplay is a given. The cat and mouse race between Dhanush and Amitesh in a miscast role becomes too repetitive and you can’t help but draw comparisons between Prakash Raj and Dhanush in Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam. It’s like watching an extended version of the film. The second half concentrates too much in fortifying Dhanush’s image and compromises on quality of the screenplay.

Anirudh’s background score is superlative and kindles the emotions of the audiences at right places. He has evolved as a composer and it is highly visible here with his range of percussions and interludes for crucial scenes. A first-class work from the young composer. Vel Raj has made a decent debut as director and as a cameraman, he has done a more brilliant job capturing Dhanush’s idiosyncratic gestures in the film, especially the first half.

What an effortless performer Dhanush is. His underplay for a crucial scene right after the interval is easily the best scene of the film. And his breathtaking monologue to Amitesh is a scream.

On the whole, Velai Illa Pattadhari is a sumptuous treat for Dhanush fans. For others, it’s certainly worth while it lasts.

Written by Surendhar MK

Velai Illa Pattathari Movie Review Rating: 3/5

Surendhar MK

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