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Veera Vinayaka
Don't You Mess With Me
Uyir Nadhi
Theri Theme
Aaluma Doluma

A rushed outing

After a set of mesmerizing tunes in Naanum Rowdy Dhan, Anirudh delivers a plastic album which has traits of the other extreme. Talented vocalists such as Shaktisree, Vishal Dadlani and Baadshah have little off nought to do in this soundtrack, which will thrive on the visuals to take it further. Altogether, Vedalam is a reasonably disappointing soundtrack which impresses in parts.

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Shruti Haasan, Lakshmi Menon

Music: Anirudh

Lyrics: Viveka, Karky, Rokesh, Siva

Director: Siva

Label: Sony Music

Veera Vinayaka: Singers – Anirudh, Vishal Dadlani

Anirudh makes use of the routine beat which ushers with songs in the devotional genre. The indifferent vocal organization doesn’t work in its favor either.

Don’t You Mess With Me: Singers – Shruti Hassan, Shaktisree

An EDM background which instantly reminds you of a dozen English songs, forms the base. Shruti’s rendition is perhaps the main takeaway from this passable number. Our PICK!

Uyir Nadhi: Singers – Ravishankar

Quite a moving song which is high on lyrical quality. Though Ravishankar may not be the go-to man for this, it clicks on the whole to turn out to be our PICK of the album.

Theri Theme: Singer – Anirudh

Anirudh’s strength for his theme tracks have always been the catchy tune and the presence of an absorbing string bit. Those factors are nowhere to be seen here, with a dubstep based score which just hits par.

Aaluma Doluma: Singers – Anirudh, Baadshah

Loud kuthu beat which gets infuriatingly repetitive after a while. Lokesh’s lyrics bring about a whiff of relief into this track which will bank on the visuals for mileage.

Vedalam Songs Review Rating: 2.75/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas