Vasantha Mullai Movie Review

Bobby Simha and Kashmira form a good pair in this middling mystery thriller. Down goes our Vasantha Mullai Movie Review.

Mystery thrillers are sort of a risky business, as they have to be handled properly without which they won’t work out in the right manner. Bobby Simha teams up with director Ramanan Purushottama for Vasantha Mullai, a mystery thriller that has an interesting plot similar to what we have seen in Hollywood films. Does the film work out?

Bobby Simha plays an individual who gives it all for his work, and is stressed and badly needs a break. After his girlfriend forces him to take a break, the duo move to a hilly area for a weekend. On return, they get too tired and decide to stay the night at a local motel. However, the night gets really dark as Simha meets many surprises which question his own existence.

Vasantha Mullai definitely has the potential to be worked out as a superb thriller, but the film rarely jumps onto the opportunity in hand and is happy in being positioned as a basic thriller.

The film has space for many interesting reveals which it uses neatly, mainly in the interval block. But at the end, it does not deliver the thrills and wow moments needed for such a film.

Simha takes on his performance in a straightforward manner, while Kashmira Pardeshi is good. There are not many members in the cast, but Arya’s cameo is definitely good and works as a much needed high in an otherwise free flowing film.

Rajesh Murugesan’s music is the biggest plus point of the film, and his BGM too stands up and works well. The film also benefits from neat camerawork and edit.

On the whole, Vasantha Mullai is a decent mystery thriller that could have been so much better had it worked out some more surprising elements.  Vasantha Mullai Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A watchable mystery thriller!

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