Varisu Audio Launch: Thalapathy Vijay’s glitzy event packed with clap-worthy moments!

Thalapathy Vijay’s films all come with a terrific amount of buzz and excitement around it, and the same has happened with Varisu which has packed in high expectations after the superb audio launch function which took place on Saturday. The event was attended by a sea of fans along with the cast and crew, and close associates of the team.

The gates opened by 3pm, with the event starting off by 6.45PM, with the entries of all the celebrities from the team. After Rashmika Mandanna, Vamshi Paidipally, Dil Raju and the rest of the team came in, Thalapathy Vijay walked in with great style, and had a never-seen-before ramp walk round the arena, where a specific path was made up for him. This mega event was a super cool and unique idea that was executed brilliantly, and will be special when aired on TV.

Down below are tidbits from the speeches of the event. 

Dance master Jani was one of the main speakers at the event, and he said “Vijay sir called me before starting the shoot of Ranjithame and said – “Jani, this is my dream for my fans. I want to dance a single shot of 1 min 20 secs. We don’t have time, we have to do it”. Ranjithame will be one of his best dance numbers onscreen.”

Actor Shaam’s speech was one of the longest ones at the event, where he said that Dil Raju did not compromise on the production budget of Varisu one bit, and spent 20 crores extra for the film. “In the family of Varisu, I am the chinna payyan. On the professional front, Vijay anna is at the sky level. In these many years, I have never seen him bad mouthing anybody. Vijay Anna doesn’t demand, he commands superstardom,” said the actor who plays Vijay’s brother in the film.

Prakash Raj, who said that he plays the villain in Varisu, spoke about Thalapathy Vijay and his strong qualities, saying “Thalapathy Vijay set up parties after every stage of Varisu, just to ensure that everybody bonded together very nicely. After the first shot together after 14 years in Varisu, Thalapathy Vijay came to me and told me that it was eons since he saw my eyes like this. I was totally surprised to see how much he has grown as a performer now, his acting qualities are top notch. Regarding the climax sequence of the film, I had kept asking writer Vivek on how it would work out. But when I saw it on the monitor during the shoot, I experienced the magic. Vijay has totally nailed it for that scene,” said the veteran actor.

Actor Sarathkumar called back to his famous 175th day function of Suryavamsam, where he had said that Vijay would be the next superstar from Tamil cinema. “That is exactly what is happening, and I am sure that Varisu would be the next big hit. I am so happy to be a part of the film, but I hope that Jani master gives me a chance to dance next time,” said the actor.

Producer Lalit of 7 Screen Studio spoke at the event, recalling how Vijay was very strong about Master being a theatrical release despite the COVID situation, and how a big OTT offer was rejected for the same. He also guaranteed that Varisu will be the biggest release for a Vijay film in his career.

Varisu’s heroine Rashmika Mandanna spoke about her being a big fan of Vijay right from her days as a kid, and how she has her dream come true by starring as the heroine in his film.

Music composer Thaman got really emotional on stage, as he spoke about finally getting to do a film for Vijay after a really long wait. “My son who is studying in 10th standard kept putting pressure on me to deliver a hit album for Varisu, without which his friends would troll him in school. He is my biggest motivation, and now he is very happy. Just like how Aadhaar cards are important for every citizen in India, doing a Vijay film is important for every music composer here. I have waited for 28 years for this opportunity. For life, I am a Thalapathy Vijay fan.”

The entire segment featuring comedians VTV Ganesh and Sathish got loads of laughs from the audiences, as there were loads of interesting anecdotes shared by both of them from the shoot.

Producer Dil Raju spoke highly of Thalapathy Vijay at the event, saying that he is indeed a man with a heart of gold. “In his very first meeting, he came in with two cups of coffee and greeted me wonderfully. He knew my body of work and was ready to work with me immediately. Varisu is a film dedicated to all your parents, but at the same time, it will also have all the Vijay sir elements. It will be a winner in Tamil, Telugu and North India. This Pongal is ours!” said the producer.

The film’s director Vamshi Paidipally spoke in detail about working with Vijay, saying that he is a star who does his homework and is always fully ready for the shot. “At no point of time, he took fans for granted and always gives in his best efforts.”

Finally, Thalapathy Vijay’s superb speech at the event turned out to be a show stealer.

“I was looking for a style to give you all kisses. Ranjithame’s dance step is the way. From now, I will follow this.”

“The mother song is the life of the film, and it is a favorite for me. I am thanking Thaman specially for this song.”

“This time, my kutti kadhai is about a family – a father, his wife and his two kids. After his day at work, the father would return home with two chocolates and give one to his son who was the elder one, and the other chocolate to the daughter. However, his daughter who was very mischievous would take the chocolate of her elder brother and have it herself, when her brother crossed over. This happened frequently. One day, when the little kid asked her dad about the definition of love, he said – You eat your own chocolate and your brother’s chocolate, but despite knowing that you will pick it up, your brother keeps on putting the chocolate in the same place. That is love,” said Vijay, terming love as the biggest weapon in the world.

“I wanted to speak about blood donation by my fans for a long time. Blood is the only thing that doesn’t have any race, religion, caste or any differences. We need to learn equality from blood. More than 6000 fans have donated blood through the app that I have floated. Thanks to my guides, team members and my fans for making this possible.”

“In the 1990s, an actor came as a competitor. After sometime, he became a serious competitor. He came everywhere I went, I kept working hard to beat him and still do. The year that the competitor came alive is 1992, and his name is Joseph Vijay. You have to keep competing with yourself to get better. Be your own competitor,” said the actor in style, when people expected him to be talking about Ajith.

The event ended with a big selfie moment, where Vijay took a video and asked his ‘admin’ Jagadish to post it on his Twitter page, with the hashtag #EnNenjilKudiyIrukum.

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