Un Samayal Arayil Movie Review

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Overall, “Un Samayal Arayil” is a typical performance oriented, a predictable tale tailor-made for the multiplex audiences. It introduces Prakash Raj as the master chef but he has prepared the soup sans Salt N Pepper.

Cast : Prakash Raj, Sneha, Urvashi, Tejus, Samyuktha Hornad, Aishwarya, Elango & Thambi Ramaiah. 

Cinematography : Preetha 

Music : Ilaiyaraaja

Editing : Kishore TE 

Story by : Shyam Pushkaran & Dileesh Nair

Written by : Viji, T. Gnanavel (Dialogues)

Direction : Prakash Raj

Produced by : Prakash Raj Productions

Release Date : 06-06-2014

Run Time : 02:02:00 


Cinema is a fantasy and has changed frequently as it evolved over the few decades and so has the audience perception. One thing that has stayed unpredictable is predicting the taste of audiences. Prakash Raj has succeeded, to an extent, in experimenting and tasting cinema in his unique genre.Inspired by the original Malayalam feature “Salt N Pepper”, Prakash Raj this time decided to pen down the screenplay and hold the microphone for the first time in addition to call the shots.

Un Samayal Araiyil, follows emotions, ego and romance between a middle aged man and a woman. Prakash Raj, an archeologist and a foodie, lives life on his own terms and principles. On the other plate, Sneha is a popular dubbing artist who carries lot of emotional baggage but marked by a steadfast resolve and stays independent. The story unfolds by introducing the multi-starred cast and their backgrounds. Elango & Aishwarya on Prakash Raj’s side and Urvashi on Sneha’s side talk about marriage plans which induces grief among  and allows them to shy away from the conversation. The story spins off when Prakash Raj receives a mysterious call from Sneha where she dials his number accidentally mistaking to be a restaurant’s. What starts off as a heated conversation slowly blossoms in to a fruitful relationship, as days go on.

Deciding to meet one fine day, puts a test to their ego, fear and lack of confidence which lead to change their identities and is replaced by Tejus and Samyuktha . The lack of confidence in Prakash Raj and Sneha and their ego become their boss causing a gap between them. However, Tejus and Samyuktha bank on the lie they’re living and have a great time together without conscious thoughts of being guilty.  What happens there after garnishes the recipe.

The film takes a toll on the narration/screenplay as it is slow paced but it is overlooked by the power packed performances by Prakash Raj and Sneha.  Urvashi and Aishwarya seem to be underutilized throughout the movie. Thambi Ramaiah and Elango Kumaravel try to tickle the funny bone but their efforts fall flat. A typical Ilaiyaraja leading the musical front goes with the flow of the movie. The movie is technically par with good cinematography by Preetha and editing by Kishore TE.


Un Samayal Arayil Movie Review Rating : 2.75/5