Thudikkum Karangal Movie Review

Watch out for Vemal’s action avatar in this decent thriller. Down goes our Thudikkum Karangal Movie Review.

Vemal’s Thudikkum Karangal has the actor moving into a different space of an action thriller, as opposed to the rural entertainer that he is known for.

The film is based on a YouTuber, and what happens to him when he turns up into a drug trafficking racket by chance. Debutant director Veludoss has managed to churn out a thriller that has all the elements that it would need, while also playing heed to commercial values. Vemal does not entirely fit into the script and the scenarios here, but he has somehow done something different from the usual roles that we have seen him in. Whenever the film tries to get into something serious, the presence of the love portions are what draw it back.

The film has Vemal cracking a decent chemistry with actress Misha Narang, but its few good moments are in the tussle that the actor has with the baddies. Sathish has a few good counters, and Suresh Menon too has done a very good job.

The cinematography and the music of the film are functional, with a special mention to the melody track.

Overall, Thudikkum Karangal is a watchable thriller that has Vemal in a new shade.

Verdict: Vemal tries something different in this passable thriller.

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