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A touching rural drama.

Thorati is a very honest attempt at a rural drama, which works due to some strong moments featuring the impressive heroine Sathyakala. Ved Shanker's songs are such a huge asset. Overall, a very good drama that can be watched if you like films that belong to this genre. 

Cast: Shaman Mithru, Sathyakala, Sundarrajan, Chellam Jeyaseelan, Muthuraman ; Production : Shaman Pictures ; Producer : Shaman Mithru ; Direction : P. Marimuthu ; D.O.P : Kumar Sridhar ; Music (Album) : Ved Shanker Sugavanam ; Music (Bgm) : Jithin K Roshan ; Editing : Raja Mohammed ; PRO: CN Kumar ; Run Time: 02:08:00 ; Release Date: 02-08-2019 

Earlier this year, a lovely little rural drama came out in the form of Nedunalvaadai. At a time when these kinds of films were on the verge of extinction with even the rare ones being on the average belt, that film got the attention that it needed thanks to the honest presentation. And now, as we’re into the second half the year, we get another worthy rural drama in the form of Thorati. With a very good core idea, director Marimuthu brings about a likable rural drama that is worth your time.

The film focuses on a shepherd and how his life is wrongly influenced by his negative-minded friends, only to be brought back to normal by his wife. After a sluggish start, the film gets into form with the entrance of the highly impressive female lead in Sathyakala. The young woman contributes a very strong performance to the film, owning the best scenes and the best dialogues too. There are a lot of scenes which make you ponder over the situations in the film, which connect with the characters and their troubles as well.

All along the way, the film is supported by the music of Ved Shanker, especially the songs like Saukaram Pottu. The cinematography and the cuts are apt, with a suitable runtime that doesn’t while away the reels.

On the whole, Thorati could have cut down on the melodrama a little bit, as it rings bells of the highly emotional films in the earlier days. But still, it is a very good drama that can be watched if you like films that belong to this genre.

Thorati Movie Review Rating: 3/5

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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