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“Thoonga Vanam is not based on nightlife,” says Rajesh Selva

Director Rajesh Selva has clarified that Thoonga Vanam is only based on the nightlife of few important characters in the film. “One should not be deceived by the poetic title Thoonga Vanam, this is an action thriller. I have seen few posts claiming that this story is based on nightlife. Actually the story opens up in the dawn of a day and ends the next day morning,” reveals Rajesh.

“I can’t forget the moment when Kamal Sir called me ‘Director’. I’m an atheist but Kamal Sir is my God. I believe I have made justice to the trust he had on me. I can’t simply tell that the film has come out well, also I don’t want to boast off. The movie is well appreciated by many experienced technicians of our industry,” Rajesh adds.

The film is all set for Diwali release worldwide.

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