ThiruttupPayale2 Movie Review

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Albeit shortcomings, a well qualified thriller.

ThiruttupPayale 2 is a competent attempt by Susi Ganeshan, putting in a genuine amount of research and making great use of the cast. Though the film falters a yard in the second half, it still stands up as a passable thriller that's led by it's concept.

Cast: Bobby Simhaa, Prasanna, Amala Paul, Pradeep K Vijayan, Susi Ganeshan & others

Cinematography: P. Chelladurai

Music: Vidyasagar

Editing: Raja Mohammad 

Stunts: Sakthi Saravanan

Written & Directed by: Susi Ganeshan

Produced by: AGS Entertainment

Release Date: 30-11-2017

Run Time: 02:30:00

Susi Ganesan’s ThiruttupPayale starring Jeevan that was released in 2006, went on to set some real standards for an erotic thriller in Tamil cinema and now, after a decade, the director has carried the same name and has come out with a different plot but almost concluded the same message with his ThiruttupPayale 2.  A controversial plot with a clean making is always well taken by the audience and this happened many times. In the same line, this script from the director has been impressive throughout with small bumpers in the second half.

Technology has always been imbalanced in our lives, either it makes you a prey or will turn out to be the ruler of the consequences. Internet widely used but with a very small amount of awareness will lead anyone into trouble and becomes life hacking at times. Keeping this as a crux, Susi Ganeshan has detailed on misleads that happen to a common man with technology being the backbone for almost every crime that we read, hear or see. What happens when Bobby Simhaa as a honest cop (but honest-corrupt to himself) who has been appointed as a spy to tap phone numbers of VIP’s to reduce crime gets the hold of almost every personal conversation is nearly narrated as he understands how ugly and brutal humans turn towards money, power, relationships and friends. After falling in love with Amala Paul and marrying her, Simhaa gets the first shock as he is made to listen to her own calls. Prasanna, a software techie uses technology to become friends with girls, and happens to impress Amala Paul with his knowledge towards books, music and home designs. To start up he becomes a friend and slowly starts to exploit her with some captured personal moments and blackmails her and in parallel, Simhaa who seems to get aware of the situation tries to save her from the situation without her knowledge. Turning around, Simhaa locks horns with Prasanna. He corners him with hidden secrets and how he gets of rid of the situation clears the complete

The story completely turns into a triangle after the first half and completely focuses on Bobby, Prasanna and Amala Paul.  The first half was completely gripping for it had some edge of the seat moments and some real news on how technology works and enters into a personal space. It make one realise that it is mandatory to understand that not
all strangers are friends and beliefs should be limited with the current generation. All three have been expressive, emotional and Prasanna after Anjathae and Muran proved how mettle he can be in negative roles, while Simhaa carried the emotions completely and shown some real anger on technical crimes. Amala Paul had some space to prove her acting and has also given her best for the script.

On technical aspects ThiruttupPayale 2 had no compromises, be it the BGM by Vidyasagar, cinematography, stunts and editing, Susi Ganeshan’s script has been well supported by the technical team.

Overall Thiruttupayale 2 is a lesson and shows how powerful technology and its crimes can affect personal lives. Mobile and social mediums have become a sixth finger where it is hard to live with or without it, as internet has all the things in common and it’s up to the users to take what is necessary is a strong message that the maker has imprinted using some skills on capturing his script into a complete picture.

ThiruttupPayale2 Movie Review Rating: 3/5