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Jithu Jilladi
Eena Meena Teeka
En Jeevan
Dub Theri Step

Acceptable, accessible soundtrack

Though Theri lacks variety with three kuthu songs under its belt, it has enough in it to go places with the help of the visuals. GVP's 50th album doesn't break barriers as he would wish to, but it surely cracks up a celebration which is round the corner. The melodies easily override the weary dance tracks, and that's where the fun in Theri lies.

Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Amy Jackson

Music: GV Prakash 

Lyrics: Rokesh, Na Muthukumar, Pa Vijay, Kabilan, Pulavar Pulamaipithan, Arunraja Kamaraj, R Thiyagarajan

Director: Atlee

Label: Think Music

Jithu Jilladi – Singers: Deva, Balachandran

After a superb start, the song goes haywire with its flooring set on two levels. The horn sounds the tune pretty much cross out the lyrics and a slightly inappropriate Deva inclusion. Nevertheless, the visuals would save this, making it a celebration for the fans.

Chellaakutty – Singers: Vijay, Neethi Mohan 

Vijay here, is undoubtedly the sailor who pumps up the ante with his effortless, cute vocals. It is awesome as to how he adds a new color to every word, lighting up this otherwise plain track.

Eena Meena Teeka – Singers: Uthara Unni Krishnan, GV Prakash

Here comes our PICK of the album, where Uthra Unnikrishnan and GVP himself come forward to croon a catchy, expressive rhyme. The interludes too, are mischievously enjoyable, this is probably the best in the album.

Thaimai – Bombay Jayashri

Held high by Bombay Jayashree, Thaimai is a pleasant number with a different second half, where GVP plays around to experiment.

En Jeevan – Singers: Hariharan, Saindhavi, Vaikom Vijaylakshmi

Saindhavi’s songs in GVP’s albums have always been special. With Hariharan for company here, the trio deliver a lilting melody which is honey to the ears. Another PICK.

Raangu – Singers: T Rajendar, GV Prakash, Sonu Kakkar

An uninteresting, unwanted dance number which fails to impress despite the TR tag. This just might affect the flow of the movie.

Dub Theri Step – Singer: Arunraja Kamaraj

GVP loves his dubstep, and leaves no stone unturned here to churn out a tantalizing theme track for the film. Set to racy action blocks, this should be a treat on screen.

Theri Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas