Theerkadarishi Movie Review

Ajmal and Sathyaraj are good in this engaging thriller that could have been better. Down goes our Theerkadarishi Movie Review.

Films centered on suspense plots always find themselves to be interesting ones, even though they might not always deliver the goods in full scope. Theerkatharisi , the new release of the week, is a thriller that fills itself with a plot that has police officers chasing a man who goes crazy by revealing spoilers on crimes in the city to the cops, but still leaves them reeling.

The film starts off when the cops receive a call from a mysterious person, who gives them a very important piece of information saying that they will be receiving a news about a murder from a particular location next morning. The cops first take it as a prank call but later realize that it was a mistake. Similar incidents happen which force the department to appoint a new man for the case, Adhitya (Ajmal). What happens from thereon forms the story of Theerkatharisi.

The film definitely has an interesting plot which takes it forward and brings up many good instances for the screenplay to stand up and deliver. However, it does not completely give us what it needs to bring in the attention. There are many instances where the film could have got really serious on the issue and move forward with the next plot point, but it starts to get repetitive and does not actually get to the ultimate point. It is only at the end of the film that it brings up the surprise.

Theerkadarishi has decent performances from Ajmal, Dusyanth and the rest of the cast. Sathyaraj is the man with the x factor, and though he does not have much of screen time, it works in favour of the film.

On the whole, Theerkadarishi does not have big technical wins or the budget that it needs, but it manages to bring in a decent thriller.

Verdict: A decent, neat thriller with a fine surprise at the end. 

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