The Road Movie Review

Trisha’s new thriller does not engage in full but is still better than her previous female-centric outings. There goes our The Road Movie Review.

After Raangi, Trisha is once again back to playing the lead role in a film, and it is once again a thriller. Directed by Arun Vaseegaran, The Road plays on as a road thriller first up which then opens more clues and takes a new route towards a crime angle.

Trisha plays a loving mother and wife, who soon loses both her roles to emptiness as her husband and son meet with a freak accident. After she gets to know of the news, her life falls apart and she tries her best to put the building blocks together again. On the other hand, Maya (Shabeer) is a man who is wronged by the society in more ways than one, and keeps getting disappointed again and again. As Trisha’s character starts finding ways to avenge the death of her husband, she uncovers truths and that leads to her crossing paths with Maya.

The Road has an interesting plot in hand, but Arun Vaseegaran’s narrative is packed with cliches which take away the engaging factor that the film initially possesses. The narrative is too slow in the first half to build any form of interest, and it only gets better towards the end when the thrill factor comes into the frame. As much as Trisha tries to emote her character in the film, it is not that convincing for the audiences. However, Shabeer has done a good job again, in a role that has multiple shades in it.

Sam CS’s music to the film is basic, while the film has decent technicalities. On the whole, The Road is a middling thriller that has not much going for it except for the final 30 minutes which hold it up to an extent.

Verdict: A decent thriller with a fairly engaging climax stretch. 

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