Thani Oruvan – Preview

Director Jayam Raja Thani Oruvan has created good expectations among movie goers thanks to the slick trailer, promos and the peppy album composed by Hiphop Tamizha. The film features Arvind Swami in a villain role and if the initial promos are anything to go by, he looks sophisticiated in his character with his trademark voice uttering subtle punchlines. Thani Oruvan also marks the first time collaboration for Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara, who has worked with almost all the top actors in K’town.

The makers have already received the most important catalyst, the tax exemption grant certificate from the state government which will accelerate the box office share for all parties involved. AGS Entertainment, the producer of the film, is releasing it in over 350 screens in Tamil Nadu. Interestingly, the scale of film’s release in the USA is the biggest ever for Jayam Ravi in his career.

Thani Oruvan marks Jayam Raja’s first straight story conceived, written and directed by him. A story of good vs bad. Jayam Ravi will be pitted again Aravind Swami in the film. And, it’s definitely an interesting battle to look out for this on screens. Billed as an action entertainer with elements of romance, Nayanthara plays a solid role in the film as Jayam Ravi’s love interest. The film releases on August 28th worldwide.

Jayam Raja about the plot 

Generally, the bad guy crosses the hero’s path and disturbs his life. But here, the good man, who is passionate about the society, chooses to go after the bad man to stop him. In some ways, this film will break the formula for good versus bad stories

Jayam Ravi

Thani Oruvan will show the world a side to my brother that nobody knows, except our family. It’s a result of his frustration with society. I waited almost a year for him to finish this script. My brother has done five films for me, and if I didn’t do even this, I couldn’t think of myself as a good person

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