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Thalapathy Vijay’s full speech at the Leo Success Meet – here it is!

Thalapathy Vijay rocked the energy and excitement at the Leo success meet yesterday, by covering all bases what was expected off him after the humongous success of the film. Here is the speech, without any delay!

  • (Starts off by singing the Naa Ready song including the ‘tow tow tow’)
  • En Nenjil Kudi Irukum Nanba, Nanbigal.. For these many days, I thought I was the one who had you in my heart, but now, I realized that it wasnt me, but you all had me placed in your heart. The space that I have in your heart is the temple where I reside. Please don’t think that I am saying some dialogue here, I have realized all of it from within. I don’t know what I can do to give this love back to you, what can I do? Take my skin and make it your footwear, it won’t be enough.
  • But one thing is for sure, I can do one thing until I die. Be truthful to you. You work so hard and earn money, and then come to spend some of it for me. I will be truthful to all of it. You guys are BLOODY SWEET man, you guys are BLOODY SWEET!
  • For the past few days, I am watching on social media. Your anger is on the higher side, why? No need, brother, no need. Let’s not hurt anybody. That’s not our job either. We have many other things to do. If a dad hits a son at home, where will the son go and cry? Think of it like that, and leave it. This much of anger is not good for health. As Gandhiji said, “Non violence is more powerful than violence.” So be cool, calm and (shows the straight path).
  • As I always say, let me say a kutty kadhai and run off. Two people went to a forest for hunting purposes. In that forest, deers, rabbits, elephants, peacocks, crows and eagles (Vijay laughs, and there’s a huge roar from the crowd). A forest will always have this right, I said it for that pa. One of the men has a bow and arrow, while the other has a spear. The man who has the bow aims for a rabbit, and gets it. The man with a spear aims for an elephant, and misses it. Both of them return back to their hometown, now who is the bigger achiever? The man who aimed for the elephant is the achiever. Why I am saying this is because – it’s not success when you achieve something that is very easy to win over, it is important to aim for something that is not easy to get. We think about big things right, that is our victory. All your aims and dreams, let it be big. Nobody can call it out as a wrong thing. As Bharathiyar said ‘Perithinum Perithu Kel’. Everybody has a place for themselves, and no one can snatch that from them. There are wishes and dreams, what’s wrong?
  • At home, a small boy wears his dad’s shirt, puts on his dad’s watch and sits on his dad’s chair. The shirt wont fit him properly, the watch wont even sit on his hand, and he doesnt even know if the chair is for him and whether he is worthy of it. But he doesn’t care, it is his father’s shirt. He wants to become like his father, that’s all. What’s wrong in it? You go ahead and aim for big dreams. ‘Small aim is a crime’, said Kalam sir.
  • Before I go to the Leo team, there are two things. A song of mine released, and there were few problems in it. The lyric says that ‘there is fire in between the fingers’, why are you looking it as a cigarette, look at it as a pen no? Also, there is another lyric saying ‘bottles arent enough, bring the tub’, why are you thinking of it as alcohol, you can say it is koozhu right? I wont say such lame excuses and go off, I am just saying – look at cinema as cinema. Worldwide, people are looking at cinema as fiction. Many films have characters and situations that demand such elements in the screenplay, few of the characters will bring about wrong actions or thoughts. I don’t think I need to explain all this to you, you all will not follow that for sure. You guys are not that immature right? As I said before, take the good things and leave out the bad things. There are many wine shops on the way to school, do kids have a peg before going to study? They are very clear boss, they know what to pick and what to leave. They love me so much yes, but if my film itself is bad, they won’t watch it. They are VERA LEVEL.
  • At this point of time alone, I can convey my love and thanks to you. I know that some of you, without looking at the clock, are doing great things for the society in your own areas, which will make your heart happy. I am not just seeing this in Chennai or TN alone, I am seeing it in places like Kerala, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and more. Let me tell you a small story – AVM Saravanan sir was travelling in a car one day, and he handed over 100 rupees to a struggling woman at the signal. The woman had replied saying – Bless you MGR, bless you MGR. Saravanan sir didn’t understand this, but how it has been at that time is that – whoever did good to the society, it was framed as MGR. I am not targeting anyone here, I am not that a big guy. We are just taking good things as inspirations and following that. I am just saying that, in the future, when any good thing happen, only our boys would have done it everywhere. I want that good name.
  • Let’s go to the LEO team. It’s not a big thing for a girl to become a heroine at 20 years of age, it is big when she holds her place for 20 years with the same energy and beauty. I think you know who I am talking about, our princess Kundavai. Congratulations Trisha.
  • When you look at people who are successful, they would have come across so many difficulties. But for this man, crossing the difficulties itself is a big success. He got back the place what he left off, became successful again and won many awards. His life story has been made as a movie named Sanju, and he is so inspirational. Thankful to Sanjay Dutt for joining us, it is a pride to Leo.
  • Same with Arjun sir, we know him as a gentleman and a great man. Always, he is the action king. I had doubts whether he would accept this role, but he did it. I heard a lot of counters and comics from the shooting spot of Jai Hind, it was a big timepass. A dinner is pending sir – me, you, Lokesh and Goundamani sir. Don’t forget it sir.
  • There are crowds who watch films for heroes, heroines, songs and fights. But there are crowds who watch films for directors, and Mysskin and GVM have caught that place very well. Mysskin is close to me since Youth (the film), while Gautham sir’s movies always have beautiful fights and raging love. Generally, people go for the reverse. I just noticed that sir. I wish you the best for your acting journey sir, your voice and eyes are superb sir.
  • I have to talk about the production team as well. They took care of us like a mother with food, medicines and whatever we need in that cold climate. Special thanks to them.
  • And yes. With Maanagaram, he made us turn around. In Kaithi, he made us watch it again and again. With Master and Vikram, he made the entire India turn around and watch. Now, with Leo, I think only Hollywood is left in the balance. They will watch it soon too. I am so happy for you man, so so happy Lokesh. Keep rocking. (Lokesh says thank you na from his seat) This doesn’t suit you Lokesh. I have said it earlier, this style (of saying thank you dearly) doesn’t suit you (Vijay laughs)
  • Producer Lalit, I have to talk about the Master release time. I don’t think we can ever forget that, it was a new type of problem, we didn’t know how to handle it. For other problems, we would have a history of solutions. This was new. For that one word which I told him, he kept his profits aside and released the film in theatres. He waited for a year and released the film in theatres, I don’t know if anyone else would have done that. I appreciate his guts.
  • Also, my co-producer Jagadish. He moved from Coimbatore with big dreams, to become a big name in cinema. He started off as a celebrity coordinator in college, and became an EP for some Tamil films. Now, running the biggest celebrity management company in South India. He started producing films also, that’s different. He plans everything from one spot in a short span. I am so jealous of you da, please pan the camera to wherever he is.
  • Ani, he is not here today. With the passing day, his weight-age keeps on increasing. He carries the weight of his films on his shoulders, and puts it on a different pedestal. Thanks to him.
  • Thanks to all my masters – Dinesh master, Anbariv master and Subramani (laughs).
  • Lastly, I want to say one thing. Tamil cinema has given us many stars. Puratchi Thalaivar is only one man. Nadigar Thilagam is only one man. Puratchi Kalaignar is only one man. In the same way, Ulaganayagan is only one man. Superstar is only one man. Thala… is only one man!
  • You all know the meaning of Thalapathy right. They are right below the king, and will follow all the orders. You all are the kings, I am right below you and will continue to be.
  • (moving to the rapid fire round, asked about his brothers in Atlee, Nelson and Lokesh becoming bigger) I am very happy for their growth. They are all talented in their own ways, and have their own style. I didn’t support them much, they are taking Tamil cinema to the next level. They are my boys.
  • (about Lokesh’s 10 film deal, and the post that Vijay would give in his party after he retires) He is just joking about the 10 film deal, he will do more. But as you are imaginarilily asking about the posting, I would give him a post in the ‘Narcotics Control Bureau’. That’s right for him.
  • (about which is tougher for him, success or failure) With failure, you have to prove again. With success, you have more responsibility and expectations which you have to hold onto. So it may be success.
  • (One word you have to say about the words that we have)
  • Education – Something that everybody has to get in equality.
  • Fame (Pugazh) – The name of Arjun sir in Mudhalvan, let’s give it to him.
  • People – If they like it, they will support. If they don’t like it, they will brush it off.
  • MGR – One man who has never faced failure.
  • 2026 – The year coming after 2025 (laughs). The year in which football world cup is going to take place. Go and check it bro. (anchor asks for a serious answer) Cuppu mukkiyam bigiluuu!

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