Ten Best Tamil Films of 2019

2018 gave us a lot of variant films, with films across all genres to relish. More than the experienced names, directors from the younger generations came up to deliver quality films. Here is a list of the ten films of the year, compiled by our unit.

10 – Sillu Karuppatti

Halitha Shameem’s charming anthology kept it simple yet beautiful with four stories on relationships. The films put a smile on our faces, giving us lots of moments to cherish.

9 – NerKonda Paarvai

Ajith’s choice to do a film out of his comfort zone worked wonders, resulting in a tightly knit and presented tale that got across an important message.

8 – Super Deluxe

Thiyagarajan Kumararaja’s pathbreaking anthology spread its wings over the various areas that others would fear to touch, giving us a film that gained attention from all parts of the world. You may like it or hate it, but definitely cannot ignore it.

7 – Sarvam Thaala Mayam

Rajiv Menon’s return to the director’s chair was a special film that had a very sensitive space dealt with in a very matured way. Be it the dialogues, the music or the performances, there was lots to like in this one.

6 – Jiivi

The year’s best amidst the small film gang, and boy did it give us things to celebrate. A great example of what you can do with a small budget, given you have a terrific idea in hand.

5 – Thadam

Arun Vijay and Magizh Thirumeni surprised us with a smashing investigative drama with loads of twists and turns in a closely knit screenplay. The mind-blowing climax of the film is something that sticks in mind for long.

4 – Asuran

The Dhanush – Vetrimaaran combo reached a new high with an engrossing action drama that hit the right notes with its dramatic cores. A great performance, an interesting narrative and many scenes that hit you hard – we got it all.

3 – KD

Madhumita’s lovely and heartwarming tale gave us so many moments to take home, including the fantastic relationship between the 8 and the 80 year old. The feel good category was something rarely treaded in Tamil cinema, and this one filled the gap.

2 – Kaithi

Lokesh Kanagaraj struck big fame with his riveting thriller that didn’t give us even a minute’s time to take our eyes off the screen. Karthi fit into the role like a T, and there was nothing much that went wrong otherwise.

1 – Oththa Seruppu Size 7

Parthiban’s mono act murder mystery was the downright stunner of the year, as the man handled multiple crafts in what came together as a superb film. Credit to Resul Pookutty’s sound design for making it a worthy theatrical experience as well.

Special Mentions

Magamuni, Vellai Pookal, Peranbu, ToLet

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