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Tamil Rockerz Web Series Review

A fine crime drama web series that is well written and shot pretty well. Below goes our Tamil Rockers Web Series Review.

The piracy racket is something that has torn into Tamil cinema’s pockets for a long time, and the same has not really been documented onscreen. However, in Arivazhagan’s recent directorial venture Tamil Rockerz, we get a pained cop going behind the criminals who are put down in piracy threat case.

Tamil Rockerz is based on the story of the piracy world, how the crime syndicate works, what is the reason behind the actions of such individuals and so on. In the age of OTT, it is quite interesting to see the back story of the world we dont know about, on an OTT platform. The series is well-researched as the makers back up the visuals delivered with a lot of facts and figures. Though Tamil Rockerz does not have any exciting moments which we would have loved to see (more so to the fact that Arun Vijay is in it), the series delivers a documented range of incidents throughout.

Arun Vijay does a fine job in the lead role, though it is quite a measured performance from him and not over the top. The supporting cast has a lot of well known names such as Ishwarya Menon, Vani Bhojan and others but the best one goes to MS Bhaskar who is very good in a cameo.

The series is technically sufficient with decent work from the cinematographer and musician.

On the whole, Tamil Rockerz is a well-detailed and watchable look into the world of piracy. Arivazhagan does not deliver high moments but the show ends up as a passable watch.  Tamil Rockers Web Series Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A detailed peek into the world of piracy crime! 

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