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Suriya’s inspiring words to painting wizard Dinesh

It wasn’t just a dream come true for the little painting wizard Dinesh from Theni affected with muscular dystrophy, but an inspiring moment. The young boy from Theni was prone to muscular dystrophy.

While health conditions remained quite pitiable, he has been fighting with his immense willpower and has proved himself to be a versatile painter. In fact, he has aspired to become one of the prominent painters that the world should look upon. The little boy had yet another dream of meeting his matinee-idol Suriya, which was even telecast through one of the satellite news channels.

To the surprise, his dream came true through Suriya fans club as he happened to meet the actor in Chennai today. It wasn’t merely a meet and greet with his favorite actor Suriya, but his family of actors father Sivakumar and brother Karthi were present as well. Actor Suriya gave a beautiful inspiring word towards Dinesh says, “What you think, dream and believe from the bottom of heart will come true. You wanted to meet me and it has happened now. So just go ahead and don’t stop dreaming big.”

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