Suriya requests his fans to stop fighting

The unremitting attitude of fans of top stars picking on fans of other heroes seems to be a never-ending phenomenon on Facebook and Twitter. While Bollywood superstar Salman Khan requested his fans to stop trolling his friends Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan and warned to go off Twitter in a series of late night tweets on Tuesday, Suriya has come out in the open and urged his fans to stop fighting.

After retweeting a series of tweets posted by Salman Khan, Suriya said, “Just don’t want fans n well wishers to fight with other fans..! Spend more time on yourself,family n make them proud!  hv a great day!! [sic].

Will fans pay heed to Suriya’s request? This is such a welcoming decision by Suriya to come forward and advice his fans. Will other top heroes follow suit?

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