STR puts marriage rumors to rest and talks about his upcoming projects

STR has trashed rumors about his wedding and has talked about his upcoming projects in an official press statement. He said, “My journey and bonding with media and press goes long way back in time. It has played a vital role in my life beyond career. If not for their love and support, I wouldn’t have been a part of million families, who consider me like their own brother and son. I owe them a lot for being a great pillar even when I was completely going through adverse situations in my life. Having been a part of this industry from my childhood, I have always respected them not merely as elders, but my mentors, who have exhibited their genuineness patting my shoulders and giving good criticisms that helped me improvise my skills.”

“At this moment, I am extremely happy that my family photo is blowing up with new relations and more love. I am elated to see my younger brother and sister are now settled with their families. I thank my press-media friends for showing their love for them through their beautiful gesture of wishes. It’s obvious that both my personal and professional arena has been filled with speculations and rumors. In particular, I have been coming across some rumors involving my marriage. I would like to make it clear that there are no such plans as of now and I will make the affirmation regarding this at the appropriate time through the proper channel,” he added.

About his 2019 slate, he said, “On my professional front, I have been coming across lots of speculated rumours involving my name with certain projects. As an actor, there are certain compelling situations, where I am urged to meet certain producers and filmmakers on casual note, which need not necessarily be a project. These meetings are seen as potential projects and the rumour mills start to working over time to declare these as confirmed projects. These hearsays misguide the trade as well as my fans who get disappointed when it doesn’t kick off. As an actor who is committed to the trade and my fans, I feel it is my duty to clarify that any such news on my new projects will be officially confirmed only by the respective production houses. I take this opportunity to thank the media and my fans who stand by me thick and thin.”

STR is currently shooting for Hansika Motwani’s women-centric film Maha. 

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