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Sixer is just a time pass entertainer and debutant Chachi’s narration with a thin story-line ends up as a fun ride with giggles here and there.

Cast:Vaibhav, Pallak Lalwani, Sathish, Raamar, Radharavi, Ilavarasu, Sriranjani ; Written & Directed by: Chachi ; Cinematographer: PG Muthiah ; Music: Ghibran ; Editor: Jomin ; Stunts: Sam, Ramkumar ; Produced by: Trident Arts & Wallmate Entertainment ; Release Date: 30-08-2019; Run Time: 02:21:00

As there is some time for giggles, and not much to react for the narration, Sixer is just a time pass entertainer and debutant Chachi’s narration with a thin story-line could be a plus. A little more reality in acting from the cast could have changed Sixer a responsive one. All the cast seems to be very cautious with their roles which obviously seem to showcase a cinematic narration and nothing overall.

The films starts on a serious note and ends in a very subtle manner which makes the audience forget from where it all started. Vaibhav is a site engineer who has a good life in the daytime and suffers from night blindness. So it’s obvious that all the challenges he faces forms the rest of the plot. From the very famous tag line from the star comedian Goundamani, Director Chachi has framed a very thin story-line and elaborated the same into a broad narration. All goes well for Vaibhav until he accidentally locks horns with the baddies, what happened there after and does his deficiency supports him or not is mixed up with some fun, romance and action.

All the cast seems to support Vaibhav and there is no time to perform anything above. Radha Ravi pulls out some giggles with his experience, Sathish as in all gives some timely counters and heroine Pallak Lalwani seems to be cute with her expressions and the biggest minus would be her lip sync. Ilavarasu and Sriranjini as parents of Vaibhav
pull him over all his challenges. Created from some real-time events, Sixer ends up as a mock in the end and convincingly there are no messages that make the audience relax a bit.

Overall, Sixer has nothing serious to think about but it definitely has some occasional fun moments.

Sixer Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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