Siren Movie Review

Jayam Ravi impresses with two distinct looks in this clean family entertainer. Here goes our Siren Movie Review.

When directors plan to pick up a commercial entertainer and add an interesting element in it, it is likely to work with the audiences who are always up for anything racy and engaging. Jayam Ravi’s latest film in Siren is a neat and tidy commercial entertainer that has some interesting stretches to its name.

The interesting element here is in how a man comes out of jail on parole, and has to find peace with his daughter and also take revenge on those who are responsible for his time behind bars. The film takes this simple plot and tries to make an old school commercial entertainer out of it, packing it with the essential emotions, action sequences and a mind game wherever possible. The first half of the film is about Jayam Ravi’s hot and cold track with Keerthy Suresh, his familial emotions and the likes, and the second is about how he goes about his entire revenge tale. Both the halves have a decent amount of engagement factor in them, though the film feels a bit dated on the whole.

Jayam Ravi delivers a convincing performance in the lead, having two distinct looks as he plays both young and old. The film also benefits from Keerthy Suresh’s presence, who plays a cop repeatedly trying to prove herself after a mishap.

The villains however, are on the weaker side. It is Yogi Babu who forms a very good onscreen relationship with Ravi’s character and goes about his comics well.

The film has a decent technical output. GV Prakash’s songs are fine while the BGM by Sam CS passes muster.

On the whole, Siren is a time pass entertainer that keeps us pinned with its tried and tested yet proven screenplay.

Verdict: A neat timepass entertainer.

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