Singam 3 (S3) Songs Review

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O Sone Sone
Mudhal Murai
Universal Cop
He's My Hero
Wi Wi Wi Wi WiFi
Mission to Sydney
S3 Vettai

Listenable roars!

S3 is a decent commercial movie soundtrack that should suffice the wishes of fans. It is custom made for the series with a lot of hero praises and pump ups. Harris dissapoint with his melodies, but it's the entertainment factor somewhere in the middle, which can't be written off.

Cast: Suriya, Anushka, Shruti Haasan

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Lyrics: Director Hari, Viveka, Thamarai, Pa Vijay

Director: Hari

Label: Eros Now 

O Sone Sone: Singers – Javed Ali, Priya Subramaniam, MC Vickey  

This is one of those songs you might like on the first hear itself. Nice that the team have opted for something different, rather than a pedestrian kuthu song. With glossy visuals, this should go the distance. Our PICK. 
Mudhal Murai: Singers – Harish Raghavendra, NSK Ramya, Swetha Mohan
Despite the truckload of talent on the mic led by Harish Raghavendra, this is an old fashioned melody with nothing much to take home about. Some great humming aside, passable at best.
Universal Cop: Singers – Krish, Christopher, Dinesh Kanagaratnam
An extremely stylish number, which even manages to live above the bar of the series. Some elements of James Bond, mixed with lovely keys here. Our PICK.
He’s My Hero: Singer – Maalavika Manoj
A very low lying number with heavy English shades. Maalavika has good goods to bring to the table, but it doesnt count in.
Wi Wi Wi Wi WiFi: Singers – Nikita Gandhi, Karthik, Christopher
Despite the heavy deja-vu feel akin to many of HJ’s earlier songs, Nikita and the techno synths make it listenable. Little kids must be able to hold on the lyrics easily.
Mission to Sydney: Singer – Lady Kash
With unexciting turns, this is a fast paced theme which eventually runs out of steam.
S3 Vettai: Singer – MC Vickey
Here comes the theme which played out in the teaser, and this middling to say the least. A mix of power and occasional bhangra too, leading to boneless music.

Singam 3 (S3) Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas