Sinam Movie Review

After Yaanai, Arun Vijay delivers another punchy film with Sinam. Down goes our Sinam Movie Review.

Sinam Movie Review

A neatly crafted crime thriller with Arun Vijay’s towering performance!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

GNR Kumaravelan is back with his next directorial outing in Sinam, which is the story of an angry cop and his search for the truth. With an excellent Arun Vijay in the lead, the film comes across as a neat thriller that is fit within the runtime of 2 hours.

Arun Vijay plays Pari Venkat, a honest and upright police officer who has a family life that he loves to the core. After a freak incident turns things upside down in his life, he goes behind the truth and gets to the underbelly of the scenario. The first half of Sinam is packed with establishments of Arun Vijay’s job, his ladylove, the family life and the incident that makes a major change in his life. Kumaravelan sticks to the basics with his screenplay that has something going for it as a procedural. In the second half, the film moves ahead as an investigation drama where Pari battles his inner demons and goes behind the wrongdoers. The final 20 minutes of the film are packed in a riveting manner with an action heavy episode that acts as a fitting finale to the film.

Arun Vijay delivers another terrific performance in the lead role, and he has chanelled himself beautifully to adapt into emotionally charged roles. After Yaanai, this is another superb act from the actor who does a fabulous job in the scenes of sorrow and anger.

He is well supported by Pallak Lalwani, along with the rest of the cast who are filled with a balance of known and new faces – Kaali Venkat does a fine job too.

The film is technically just par with Gopinath’s camera being good in the morning shots but getting too dark in the night ones. Shabir’s music is heavy at some places, but somehow pulls its socks and does well at the end.

On the whole, Sinam may not have great shakes but is still a good thriller that is worth watching for fans of the genre. Thanks to Arun Vijay’s performance, the film punches way above its weight on paper.  Sinam Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Sinam Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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