Silukkuvarpatti Singam Songs Review

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Dio Rio Diya
Silukuvaarpatti Singam
Ey Dummy Pattaasu

A standard-issue commercial soundtrack.

Leon James comes up with a passable commercial soundtrack here, and though it might not have the quality of his earlier albums, it might have something to interest you.

Cast: Vishnuu Vishal, Regina Cassandra, Oviyaa

Music: Leon James

Director: Chella Ayyavu

Label: Sony Music

Dio Rio Diya: Singers – Sunidhi Chauhan, Santosh Hariharan, Naresh Iyer, Leon James

Set on the perfect mass meter, Dio Rio Diya is a peppy dance track. It’s amazing how Sunidhi Chauhan has maintained her energy over the years, as it stays the same as her rendition of Happy New Year from Kuruvi. In fact, this song is faster and it helps all the more. Our PICK.

Mayakkadha: Singer – Sudarshan Ashok

Leon James catches hold of a very good hook and spins an enjoyable number around it. Mayakkadha is the best song from the soundtrack, holding well as another nice outing for Sudarshan Ashok after Oxygen and Vilambara Idaiveli. Our PICK.

Silukuvaarpatti Singam: Singers – Sargam Choir, V7H, Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

This is where the ideas work well, but not the output. Sargam Choir’s addition is a plus, but the song definitely needed some better arrangement without the clumsiness.

Ey Dummy Pattaasu: Singer – Bamba Bakya

Simtaangaran, Pullinangaal and now this – Bamba Bakya has an interesting discography of sorts. However, the composition is too usual to comment on, only has a chance to work with intriguing visuals.

Silukkuvarpatti Singam Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas