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Seven Movie Review

Cast:  Rahman, Havish, Regina, Nandita Swetha, Anisha Ambrose, Tridha Chowdry, Adithi Aarya, Pujitha Ponnad ;

Cinematography, Dialogue, Additional Screenplay, Direction – Nizar Shafi ; 

Story and Screenplay – Ramesh Varma; Music Composer – Chaitan Bharadwaj; Editor – Praveen KL; Production – Sri Green Production

Going by the title, Seven is a story that brings together seven characters – six women and a single man. The film which starts off as a Casanova-like drama keeps transforming its genre to the thriller, horror and finally to a commercial side. Cinematographer-turned-director Nizar Shafi plots out a narrative that is built with turns at regular intervals, though some of them are absurd.

The film starts off with Nandita Swetha’s character turning up at the police station to register a complaint for her missing husband. As the same case repeats from two other women, a new back story emerges out of the blue in an attempt to surprise you. Out of all the characters, Regina Cassandra has the strongest one and performs well in her role too. It’s a different and confident outing for the actress, being at the central part of the proceedings. The film definitely would have worked better if there was a better actor in the lead role, as Havish has the maximum screen time amongst all the artists. Rahman too has only about 15 minutes of presence, and is not properly utilized in the role.

The cinematography is the best aspect of Seven, giving it a very urban outlook. There is not much to say about the music and the editing, though the runtime is below two hours only.

Seven is a madly twisted thriller that works in parts. It definitely needed some more maturity on the writing level, but is still a decent watch.

Verdict: Decent drama that works in parts.