Sembi Movie Review

Ashwin Kumar and Kovai Sarala impress in this social drama that needed more maturity in its writing. Down goes our Sembi Movie Review.

Prabu Solomon is a director who always likes to explore the hilly and greener sides of the state, and he has been doing it consistently in all his films. In his next film Sembi, the director decides to keep the lush green backdrop intact and put a little girl and a bus at the forefront.

Sembi, a little girl, gets raped by 3 young men when she is left alone as her grandma is busy with the honeycombs. The story begins from where her grandma (Kovai Sarala) goes on a journey to find out the truth about what happened to Sembi, and what leads her to a bus. On the bus, there are a variety of characters including Ashwin Kumar, who all come from different sections of the society and slowly alter their minds to support Sembi in her journey. Story wise, there is lots to like in Sembi, but the approach that Prabu Solomon takes is one that lacks proper sensibilities and has no clear intent on what is going on.

Prabu Solomon makes the first half of Sembi very painful to watch by narrating the situation of the little girl in a very unflinching manner. The fun element that was usually present in his film to an extent, is totally absent here and there is no motivating factor throughout the first half but for Kovai Sarala’s performance. The film also lacks the emotional connect that is required, because it has all its scenes overdone in the first half until the story moves into the bus. In the second half, there are a couple of good stretches but it definitely could have been made in a subtle fashion that works better for its sake. The ending where Prabu Solomon tries to attach something totally out of the way, is unacceptable.

Sembi comes with the terrific performance of Kovai Sarala who is entirely different compared to all the films she has done in her career so far. Her color and mannerisms have all been worked on in a peculiar way. Ashwin Kumar is impressive and this is a much better and controlled performance than his debut outing. The film has a support cast who do a fine job on the whole. The technical aspects are just par.

On the whole, Sembi is another average film from Prabu Solomon who should really get back to the drawing board and see what worked best for him in films like Kumki and Mynaa.  Sembi Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A barely watchable film from Prabu Solomon.

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