Sathya Songs Review

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Kadhal Project
Yavvana (Reprise)
In Search of Sathya (Theme) 

Confident, high-spirited set of songs.

In Sathya, Simon delivers songs filled with a lot of innovation and zest. The composer shows great skill in blending catchy tunes with a carnatic twist, and this music will do a big favour for the film. Way to go. 

Cast: Sibiraj, Ramya Nambeesan, Varalaxmi

Music: Simon

Direction: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Label: Think Music

Kadhal Project: Singers – Benny Dayal, Yazin Nizar, Keerthana, Sharanya

An incredibly peppy rhythm akin to a street band styled track, fused in with a lovely carnatic twist. Benny Dayal makes his job look so easy, with the other 3 singers too contributing well. Our PICK.

Yavvana: Singers – Yazin Nizar, Kalyani Nair

Its always great to have Kalyani Nair singing your song, for she is pitch perfect with her pronunciations. Yazin Nizar though, may not be the best in that category, but Simon makes up for it with a terrific tune that wonderfully blends the elevation and the ethnic touch. Watch out for the tabla in our second PICK.

Sangu: Singer – Simon

The surprise package in this album is Sangu, a powerful mass number with a rocking tune and excited vocals. There’s an additional reprise called the Area Version that’s even better, though there’s not much a difference between the two. One more PICK in the album.

Yavvana (Reprise): Singers – Keerthana, Yazin Nizar

A slowed down, stressed out version of the second track. Simon gives Yazin Nizar the best part, and he scores adequately in line with the drum beats. Quite an lifting song this.

In Search of Sathya (Theme)

Starting with some percussion, and then getting heavy with style, Simon scores with his instrumentations. This should click big with the visuals.

Sathya Songs Review Rating: 3.5/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas