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Oru Viral Puratchi
OMG Ponnu
CEO in the House

A stylish, adequately enjoyable commercial soundtrack!

With Sarkar, the Mozart arrives with a stylish soundtrack that is quite accessible, though it doesn't go full Monty. There's something in it for everybody to like, and should find it's way up with repeated listens. 

Cast: Thalapathy Vijay, Keerthy Suresh

Music: AR Rahman

Lyrics: Vivek

Director: AR Murugadoss

Banner: Sun Pictures

Simtaangaran: Singers – Bamba Bakiya, Vipin Aneja, Aparna Narayanan

Rahman experiments with a song that doesn’t have a set structure, with Vivek’s lines being incomprehensible. Here and there, are some nice portions like the ooo-ooo bits and Aparna’s vocals, but overall the song is a mis-hit.

Oru Viral Puratchi: Singer – AR Rahman

This one gets onto you on the first listen itself. Rahman’s slightly wavered rendition works in favour of the song, and Vivek is in terrific form with his pen. Not at all the cards are pulled up at the start itself – halfway through there’s a drum intro, then rap and later on, the song emotionally escalates into an another level. Once again, there’s an enjoyable ooo-ooo portion. Our PICK. 

Toptucker: Singer – Mohit Chauhan

ARR goes all-guns-blazing with his definition of ‘mass’. Picking a peculiar singer and balancing him on a foot-tapping rhythm, he creates a very different track that is quite tough to get accustomed to at first but then when the mood sets in – fun all the way. Our PICK. 

OMG Ponnu: Singer – Sid Sriram, Jonita Gandhi

With Sid Sriram on the mic, this one sounds similar to Indiralogathu Sundariye but is still different in it’s own ways. Here, Vivek makes use of the abbreviated Whatsapp language like OMG, IDK, IMO, HBD and so on. With jolly picturization, this will soar high. Our PICK. 

CEO in the House: Singers – Nakul Abhyankar, Blaaze

Bringing back Blaaze, Rahman rewinds a bit to his memorable rap fusions. The song doesn’t have anything great, but could work with the visuals.

Sarkar Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas