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Saivam Movie Review

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After working with the leading heroes in Tamil cinema, Director Vijay has let his script play ‘hero’ in this beautiful, heart-warming and a wholly gladsome film. He has given a new dimension for the word ‘compassion’ in this family-drama, which makes you tug at your heartstrings.

Cast : Naasar, Sara Arjun, Suresh, Baasha, Twara Desai, Shanmugarajan & many others. 

Cinematography : Nirav Shah

Editing : Anthony

Music : GV Prakash

Written & Directed by : Vijay

Produced by : AL Algappan for Think Big Studios

Distribution : Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies 

Run Time : 02:01:00

Release Date : 27-06-2014


After working with the leading heroes in Tamil cinema including Ajith, Vijay and Vikram, Director Vijay has truly arrived only now with a film sans any ‘hero’. Instead, he has let his script play ‘hero’ in this beautiful, heart-warming and a wholly gladsome film. Vijay has given a new dimension for the word ‘compassion’ in this family-drama, which makes you tug at your heartstrings.

Before the film starts, Vijay warns us with an introductory note saying he dedicates this film to those who promote vegetarianism and those who raise their voices against animal sacrifice. This should feel like placing a boulder on your shoulders, if you are not a kind who would advocate preachification in a cinema hall. In fact, the introductory note is bound to make you feel fairly agitated if you are a non-vegetarian. But, Vijay busts your anxiety and apprehensions through an uplifting story that unfolds later on.

Saivam is a story of compassion. An entire family gathers together for ‘kovil thiruvizha’ in their ancestral village as per the desire of its paternal head (Nassar). Then, we get to experience each and every character in the house with natural occurrences that happen in their day-to-day lives. We have an English-speaking kid (Saravanan, but call him SHRAVAN) who has come from abroad, a son who is still dependent on agriculture and of course, a romance track.

One fine day, the entire family feel terrified when they realize that a nerthikadan which they promised three years ago to god has been pending and that’s the prime reason behind all the bad happenings. So, they decide to fulfill it by sacrificing the rooster ‘paapa’ to god. Tamil Selvi (Saara) is highly fond of ‘paapa’ that she sets out on a mission to save the rooster from the family. Whether she succeeds on her mission or not forms the rest of the story.

Vijay has handled this ‘promote-vegetarianism’ issue in a delicate manner which even non-vegetarians would love. And, most importantly, this is not the topical study the film delves into. It is, instead, a manifestation of long-forgotten family values, compassion and empathy for others.

Baby Saara who delivered a soul-stirring performance in Vijay’s Deiva Thirumagal steals the show with her flawless expressions. She glows whenever she appears on screen. The kid who plays Saravanan is a riot, a first-rate performance that. Vijay has pulled off a coup of sorts in casting. During the first half of the film, it takes some time to get used to the characters. But, by the end of the film, he makes you fall in love with everyone in the family without your knowledge. Apart from these two stand-out performances, everyone has justified their roles with perfection.

GV Prakash’s background score is a journey in itself. The composer has done a splendid job and one would easily call this as his best work for Vijay, only after Deiva Thirumagal. Nirav Shah has captured the beauty of the village with colourful frames and has elevated the story to another level.

It would not be a hyperbole to call Saivam as Vijay’s best work till date. Vijay has always been accused of lifting plots from Hollywood films. He may now take some solace and feel vindicated for Saivam is his most original content.

Though there are some clichés in the film including a schmaltzy climax, it could be forgiven for churning out a lovely film which has taken up an issue that is so domestic but appeals globally.

Hats off to Udhayanidhi Stalin for supporting a film like Saivam. Red Giant Movies can feel proud that they have released two of this year’s best films.

Saivam Movie Review Rating : 3.5/5


Surendhar MK

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