Rudra Thandavam Movie Review

Benefitting from a very good cast, Rudra Thandavam comes off as an engaging drama. Below goes our Rudra Thandavam Movie Review.

Mohan G’s Draupathi was a major head-turner at the box office, and the director’s next film which has just landed in cinemas carries double the pre-release buzz that Draupathi had in hand. Rudrathandavam comes off as a cleaner and greener product than Draupathi, in every aspect, and while that might be a big blessing, there are a few flaws as well.

Rudrathandavam narrates the story of Rudra (Richard Rishi), an honest cop who sets out to curb the spread of drugs in the coastal harbour side of Chennai, only to have an unfortunate incident turn things away from him.

The film chooses to move at a set pace throughout, instead of having speedy stretches first up and then going inside the courtroom.

Mohan G ensures that he has a lot of controversial dialogues and real representations in his film, apart from the fact that he discusses many topics that other filmmakers would fear to touch.

However, Rudrathandavam actually benefits from its drug mafia angle which is the film’s highlight, as a lot of research has gone into the process and how things get done in the area. However, the film’s long duration and needless fight sequences act as speedbreakers, and could have been cut down.

Richard Rishi delivers a much better performance in the film, than what we had seen in Draupathi. The actor plays the role of the perturbed cop well, and is supported well by Thambi Ramaiah throughout. Radha Ravi makes a mark in what is a very strong role, while Gautham Menon hogs the limelight in a role that he hasn’t tried out before. Dharsha Gupta and Deepa Shankar too, are very good in their parts.

Jubin’s loud songs and score aren’t too impressive, but the cinematography by Farooq brings points to the technical department.

Overall, Rudrathandavam is a long but engaging drama that has a lot of details and interesting dialogues in it. The film is surely worth a watch in theatres this weekend.  Rudra Thandavam Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Rudra Thandavam Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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