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Rubaai Songs Review

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Unkooda Pesathaane
Dukkum Dukkum
Fragrance of Money

Nice, minimally efficient soundtrack.

Once again, Imman offers a soundtrack where the melodies put everything else in the shadow. With time, these songs should connect with the folk.

Cast: Chandran, Anandhi, Harish Uthaman

Music: D. Imman

Direction: Anbazhagan

Producer: Prabhu Solomon

Asathudhe: Singer – D.Imman 

A simple, effective ballad which has Imman breezing all over. The lyrics fit wonderfully into the song, making it click. Our PICK.

Unkooda Pesathaane: Singer – Shreya Ghoshal 

Here comes the mandatory Shreya Ghoshal song, just like every Imman album lately. Yet again, she breathes a lot of life into this pedestrian tune, mastering through the highs and lows. The second PICK!

Paathukaren: Singer – Sathyaprakash 

Even after Sathyaprakash’s lovely rendition, the old-school fashion of the song does turn the dimmer. Cat on the wall.

Dukkum Dukkum: Singer – Anita Venkat 

The archetypical celebration song from Imman. This time though, Anita Venkat comes in to offer some respite.

Fragrance of Money: Instrumental 

Perfunctory theme track which has a bunch of effects to stress on the theme – money. If used well in the film, it’ll work.

Rubaai Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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