Rajinikanth strongly condemns centre for Delhi riots

Reacting to the week-long violence which has transformed into Hindu-Muslim riots in the capital city of India, Delhi, Superstar Rajinikanth strongly condemned the central government for its ability to prevent the clash, which has left more than 20 people lead.

“It is the central government’s intelligence failure. I strongly condemn the centre. Protests should have been contained with an iron hand. Intelligence failure means it is the failure of the Home Ministry,” he said.

“I am deeply pained being portrayed as BJP’s mouthpiece. Some senior political leaders are involved in this smear campaign, which is what hurts me the most,” said Rajinikanth who has returned from Hyderabad for a brief break after shooting Annaatthe with director Siva.

Welcoming this comment from Rajinikanth, elated Kamal Haasan has tweeted

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