Raghava Lawrence’s tribute for Mother’s Day through “Thaai” Founation

The pan indian actor/director/choreographer, Raghava Lawrence has issued a press release for the mother’s day coming up:

Raghava Lawrence’s gracious gesture for sheltering desolated fathers and mothers through ‘THAAI’ foundation is a known fact. The multi-faceted personality of Indian cinema – Raghava Lawrence is also very well known for his beautiful and emotional gesture of building temple for his mother. Firmly believing that the love for motherhood and fatherhood shouldn’t be limited to one’s homes, he has now extended his feat of new philanthropic deed through this ‘THAAI Foundation’. There’s a famous saying in many scriptures that ‘Word is God’ and ‘Word was with God’ from the beginning of this world. Raghava Lawrence is someone, who strongly believes that ‘THAAI’ (Mother) isn’t just a word, but it is far beyond the concept of prayer and it is ‘God’ itself. Every creature on this planet has been blessed with the beautiful being called ‘Mother’ and that’s the reason we come across the metaphorical references like ‘Mother Land’, ‘Mother Tongue’ and so on.

However, these ‘Godly’ entities are completely missing in many homes today and that’s due to the cruel hearted nature of people. It’s pathetic to come across the parents, who raised their children and nurtured them in every aspect of life is seen sleeping on platforms, eating food picked from dustbins across the street lanes. Yes, there are few NGOs and social activist groups that are constantly working towards the betterment of these desolated innocent parents, but it all exists only to a certain extent. Though this ‘THAAI’ Foundation, they will not be given food, shelter and clothes, but would be bestowed with day to day care on the emotional levels. While Raghava Lawrence is known for his special affinity and unconditional love for all elders, he had a particular incident that urged him to come up with this idea. Before couple of years, he had visited an old age home, but an old woman came running and hugged claiming him to be his son. He initially thought that she did this out of excitement and walked away, but after some time, she did the same to another person and this literally shocked Raghava Lawrence. Later, it was revealed that this woman was left here by her son and he hasn’t visited her even once from then. Raghava Lawrence could feel the intense pain that this ‘mother’ would be going through and this instilled in him the instant decision to give not only shelter, but to give them everlasting peace of mind and happiness. Hereafter, no such mother or father should be forsaken into old age homes and even if that’s the case, they should be welcomed back into the homes with the Godly respect. As a first step towards this initiative, Raghava Lawrence is releasing a special video song on May 12 for the occasion of Mother’s Day.

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