Raavana Kottam to deal with an important social issue that deserves attention!

Shanthnu’s big ticket film in Raavana Kottam is an interesting release this week, as it hits the screens on May 12th. The actor is confident about the rural village drama, which is based on true events that took place in Ramanathapuram, and many elements that have been on the news papers about the same.

Majorly, the storyline of Raavana Kottam is based on the tree ‘Seema Karuvelam maram’ which is said to be one that damages the environment and creates a drought effect. The film will throw the focus on the issues surrounding this tree, and how corporates are also getting involved in it. Raavana Kottam will also have its share of romance and action, with the film being narrated in a commercial way.

Directed by Vikram Sugumaran, the film has its music composed by Justin Prabhakaran and Anandhi plays the heroine.

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