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Pulivaal – Review

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Not wild enough

Overall, Pulivaal is yet again a remake from Mollywood (Chaappa Kurishu) which failed to attract in its screenplay, but gives one good awareness about cyber crime and problems faced by the victims of the issue.

Cast – Prassana, Vemal, Oviya, Ananya, Iniya, Soori, Thambi Ramiah

Direction – Marimuthu

Music – NR Raghunanthan

Editing – Kishore TE

Production – Radhika Sarath Kumar & Listin Stephen


Pulivaal is a movie about cyber crime and the let down of the problems one faces being the victim of the issues. Pulivaal takes basic start with two different variations of characters, one portrayed by Prassana and the other by Vemal. Prassana  a rich typical city cultured corporate business man spending lavish times in pubs and accompanied with girl friends,whereas Vemal a typical uneducated finding his living and earning in a departmental store as a sales person.

Oviya is a corporate employee owned by Prassana and she falls in love with him not knowing the fact that he is engaged to Iniya. Prassana flirts Oviya and happens to take a video of the personal acts and leaves the mobile in a cafe  shop  in a hot arguments about the marriage and then the mobile phone happens to fall in Vemal hands.

Vemal a sales persons comes to the café shop on a official call gets hold of the mobile, not knowing what to do with it starts possessing the phone with no knowledge of whats it contains. Prassana urging the seriousness tries to find the phone and Vemal takes the chance of mocking Prassanna. Vemal tries to punish all who bullies him using Prassanna situation and virtually losing control gets in agony with the theft, that ends the first half letting us wait for the remaining.

The second half starts with a mission for Prassana, not able to track Vemal gets more agony with the issues. Vemal having soft romantic portion with Ananya from the same store explains the issue to her. Ananya understand the seriousness advice’s Vemal to hand over the phone to the owner and Vemal tries handing the phone to prassanna and situation lets him down with low battery in the mobile. Vemal gives the mobile for charging to one of his friend and as expected he misuses the videos in the phone uploading in Internet. What happens to Prassana and how he handles the situation is Pulivaal all about.

Coming to performance Soori again tries his comedy track along with Thambi Ramaiah but certainly works at parts. Prassana as usual handsome, charming & bold in act, but the similar selection of stories leaves the hero unnoticed yet again. Vemal needs to concentrate more on his screenplay in future. Ananya, Oviya & Iniya have done their soft performances as needed.