PT Sir Movie Review

Karthik Venugopalan’s new story is well-intended, but lacks the x-factor to make it entirely convincing! Down goes our PT Sir Movie Review.

Hip Hop Tamizha’s films enjoyed a big buzz during his earlier days, but the actor’s inconsistency over the next few years have killed the excitement a bit. However, in his latest film in PT Sir, the actor somewhat regains his form to deliver a preachy yet watchable entertainer.

PT Sir is a story that wholly takes place in a school and college campus, and what happens there when Kanagavel’s (Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi) neighbour faces a harassment incident is what the film is all about. Director Karthik Venugopalan (in a better script than his first film Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu) ties in the usual commercial elements into a mostly breezy first half that ends on a good high. The film’s second half travels with a socially charged intent, that has many monologues and incidents closer to what we have seen in the real world.

PT Sir is a film with good intent, that could have been even better if it had focused more on the entertainment factor, as the courtroom drama drawn into the proceedings brings down the weight of the film and makes it look too artificial. The film hardly pins three good moments one after the other, and is busy working on alternating between scenes with good intent and scenes that are good, but we have already seen them in some other film. Karthik Venugopalan’s script lacks the finesse that is required for a film of this type, and is happy to do with small highs which arent enough in the film’s bigger picture.

Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi has done his part decently, and there is actually lesser space for the entertainer in him here. It is a good choice in terms of the script, but the actor is not entirely convincing when it comes to the serious scenes. Thiyagarajan does a fine job in a negative role, while Devadarshini and Ilavarasu are good in the supporting cast. However, the film’s biggest win is with Anikha Surendhran who is excellent playing its most important part, being a big plus for the proceedings onscreen.

Technically, PT Sir is neat and there is nothing much to complain about. Hip Hop Tamizha’s BGM and songs are functional, with the hit material of his earlier films missing out a bit here.

On the whole, PT Sir is a socially well-intended entertainer that could have been a lot better. The familiarity and artificiliaty in it pull it down from being a really good film.

Verdict: Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi’s next is a watchable entertainer! 

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