Producer Dhananjayan’s CEAD Film Consultancy offers a comprehensive service for new producers!

At a time when producers are in need of a proper consulting firm and good advice when they enter the industry, producer Dhananjayan and a team of 9 other experts from the film industry have come together to offer the first ever film business related services. This is indeed a timely initiative from the team, which has come to fill a void which is present in the industry for a long time.

The service, which is known as CEAD Film Consultancy (, will operate at different levels in the industry, providing both comprehensive services and pinpoint ones to benefit those who are in need of a helping hand. This will be a major tool to help producers in an industry where failure hits more frequently than success, and some hacks and small changes in the process can help make bigger and better results. The organization has gone through a proper study and casework on what has happened in the industry over the years, looking at the reasons for a film’s failure at the box office and how it can be rectified.

The team of CEAD Film Consultancy firm up their slots with talents from all sides, including big names such as Dhananjayan himself, producers CV Kumar and Raghunathan, anchor Jagan, script supervisor Karundhel Rajesh and others such as Venkat Subha, Nikil Murukan and so on.

The service will dedicate their years of experience to many categories such as first copy production execution, budgeting, marketing, legal process support, script doctoring and more.

We wish the best to the entire team, and are hoping that this initiative turns out to be a huge success!

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