Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kaadhalum – Movie Review

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Technical Aspects

A shoddy attempt!

Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kaadhalum is stereotypical, insincerely emotional and an amateurishly written film. The bizarreness of the film does not end with the title alone.

Cast : Ramakrishnan, Atmiya, Karunya, Jaya Prakash and Others

Written – Direction : Ramakrishnan

Production : KR Kannan for Wisdom Pictures Hidayath

Run Time : 2:15:00

Release Date : 25-04-2014

Pongadi Neengalum Unga Kaadhalum marks the directorial debut of Ramakrishnan who earlier gave a stellar performance as a lead actor in the film Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravam. PNUK never works from the beginning of the film. The title credits roll with a background song preaching what is love all about. The oddity begins with the title of the film. An amateurishly written story coupled by novice performances without a vision make PNUK a terrible film. The message which the director tries to convey needs mention and appreciable. But, the way it’s handled and written are cringe-worthy.

Athmiya (Divya) loves Ramakrishnan, a hoodlum and a petty thief for no reason. And, we are asked to invest in this love story for the next two hours promising a surprise climax in the end. The film never ceases to preach. Partying, social networking and all things technology have been cursed and he cutely emphasizes how if they are effectively used, could bring world peace.

PNUK is the one of the most stereotyped films to be released in recent times and the bizarreness of the film doesn’t end with the title alone, but it continues throughout the run-time of the film.