Pokkiri Raja Songs Review

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Athuvutta Athuvutta
Rain Rain Go Go
Bubbly Bubbly
Waltzing Whistle
Taaru Taara
Athuvutta Athuvutta

Flashy, just fractionally. 

Imman backs up his reputation with a decent soundtrack in Pokkiri Raja. The album has exactly what you expect it to serve, with a satisfying mix of energetic tracks and melodies. It may not top the charts, but it has just enough in it to bring the movie some attention.

Cast: Jiiva, Hansika, Sibiraj

Music: D Imman

Lyrics: Vivek & Arunraja Kamaraj

Direction: Ramprakash Rayappa

Label: Sony Music 

Athuvutta Athuvutta: Singer – D.Imman

Punchy Imman brand of kuthu which works due to the local connect. Kudos to the composer for not only grabbing the mic, but also doing a great job with the voice modulation. Will easily become a favorite on the radios. Our PICK!

Rain Rain Go Go: Singers – Varun Parundhaman, Neeti Mohan

Imman, who usually doesn’t like to play around with his melodies, tries a different tune here with some catchy lyrics aiding the offer. Varun Parundhaman and Neeti Mohan deliver stylish vocals to compliment the music. Our PICK!

Bubbly Bubbly: Singers – Papon, Maria Roe Vincent

Peppy, entertaining and hummable. But it has a strong flavour of the song this duo have crooned together in the past. Have fun figuring that out.

Waltzing Whistle: Singers – Swetha Suresh (Whistle)

Typical Imman tune with an even familiar whistle topping. Nothing special about this theme track.

Taaru Taara: Singers – Divyakumar

Absolutely absurd track which goes nowhere with its visuals or the vocals. The pretentiously powerful feel goes bonkers here.

Athuvutta Athuvutta: Singers – Vishal Dadlani, Rude

Though the instrumentation may be at just an acceptable level, Vishal Dadlani comes up with a superb rendition here, making it work. One interesting track in the album this.

Pokkiri Raja Songs Review Rating: 2.75/5

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas