Pichaikkaran 2 is a copy of Pichaikkaran’s emotions – Vijay Antony

At the grand pre-release event of Pichaikkaran 2, Vijay Antony and Pichaikkaran (first part) director Sasi indulged in a conversation speaking about the journey of the film. Speaking about part 2, Vijay Antony said “Pichaikkaran 2 is a copy of the emotional beats that the first part had. Pichaikkaran 1 had the mother sentiment, here, I have used the brother-sister angle. There was a divine force which was the underlining element of the first part, the same has been maintained here also. There are only few changes which you will feel while watching the film.”

Reportedly, Pichaikkaran 2 is the story of how the brain of a billionaire is transplanted into that of a beggar, and how things around him get transformed. The film hits the screens on the 19th of May.

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