Penguin Movie Review

Keerthy Suresh’s strong performances carries forward this thriller by Eashvar Karthic. Here goes our Penguin Movie Review.

Penguin Movie Review

A well-shot, fairly engaging thriller.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Keerthy Suresh’s Penguin carried a lot of good expectations after the impressive trailer, which also showcased the film’s strong visual and musical ability apart from Keerthy Suresh’s return. However, the film only stands up to half of the potential that it has in hand, turning out to be a basic thriller that’s blown up by the climax twist.

Penguin traces the life of Rhythm, her difficult paths in life and the mental troubles that she has to face after her son gets kidnapped by a masked man in the locality. The story takes a lot of turns in the first half, finding ways to engage the audiences effectively. The thrills are nicely split up between the multiple characters in the film, leading to an exciting interval block. However, the second half is not as engaging as the first, and smashes its way into unwarranted territories, ending in a middling manner.

Keerthy Suresh offers a solid performance to the film, understanding the pain behind a pregnant woman and a longing mother. There is a lot of emotional scope for her to perform, and that’s done on screen in most parts.

The little kid Advait is very good as well, along with Lingaa who is decent. But for these actors, there is not much to say about the rest of the cast.

Surely, Penguin is a film that comes with amazing visuals and music. There is lots to like in Santhosh Narayanan’s excellent score that truly ups the ante, and Karthik Palani’s great cinematography that captures the hilly locations very well. The editing too, is aptly done.

On the whole, Penguin is a fine thriller that could have ended in a better way, but still qualifies as a decent watch. The film’s biggest highlight is Keerthy Suresh’s performance, who makes it an interesting pick at this point of her career. Penguin Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Penguin Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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