Pencil Songs Review

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Yaarai Pola Illa Neeyum
Why Machi Why
LED Kannala
Yaarai Pola Illa Neeyum (EDM Remix)

Pedestrian tunes

GV Prakash’s Pencil is an album filled with songs which fail to catch your attention. One does hope for good visuals, which will help the soundtrack sound better.

Cast: GV Prakash, Sri Divya

Music: GV Prakash

Lyrics: GV Prakash, Thamarai, Arunraja Kamaraj

Direction: Mani Nagaraj

Label: Eros Music


Yaarai Pola Illa Neeyum: Singer – GV Prakash Kumar

A breezy light rock track which is easy on the ears. With just a simple tune and vocal modulations, GVP starts off on a passable note.

Why Machi Why: Singers – Tippu and Srihari

Tabletop jingle which reminds you of those classroom songs back in school. Might work with quirky visuals.

Kangalile: Singers – Shreya Ghoshal and Javed Ali

Here comes the pick of album, bent on the lovely duo of Shreya Ghoshal and Javed Ali. The minute dubstep beat along with the percussions make this a feel good listen on the whole. (Our Pick)

LED Kannala: Singers – Hariharasudhan and Maalavika Sundar

A mainstream kuthu song which has nothing special on its plate. Hariharasudhan’s vocals will aid you in taking you through.

YaaraiPolaIllaNeeyum (EDM Remix): Singer – GV Prakash Kumar

GVP adds a club beat to the album’s opener to help it find a spot in the discotheque playlist. Neatly done!


Pencil Songs Review Rating:  2.5/5