Paramporul Movie Review

Amitash and Sarathkumar are impressive in this very good thriller about idol abduction. Here goes our Paramporul Movie Review.

Paramporul Movie Review

A neatly executed thriller that delivers a good amount of surprises!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Debutant director Aravind Raj makes his way out with a very good thriller in Paramporul, a film based on idol smuggling and the different depths that it goes through.

Paramporul is the story of Aadhi (Amitash Pradhan), a young man who works in an art gallery, and how he comes into terms with Maithreyan, a corrupted cop who is out for money all the time. The film travels in the first half by introducing us to the characters and showing us how the idol abduction racket works out, and then moves into the path where the two lead characters travel together. From the interval block onwards, the film moves at a very good pace and keeps us engaged with interesting reveals and twists from time to time.

Director Aravind Raj has done a good amount of research and has successfully transported it onto the big screen through his characterisations, which are all carried out well. Paramporul’s advantage is in how it does not hurry up at any point, and takes its time to put out the points that it has up its sleeves.

After Por Thozhil, Sarathkumar gets another solid role where he has a proper negative shade, and he is impressive once again as a cop. Amitash Pradhan has waited for the right script, and makes an impact with his performance. Kashmira is neat, while the rest of the actors have done a good job as well.

Technically, Paramporul hangs decently as the cinematography by Pandikumar is functional though better angles and an aesthetic approach would have taken the film up even higher. Yuvan’s BGM aids the film and he does a good job with the songs, especially Asaivindri being a good melody.

Aravind Raj deserves praise for bringing about a very good thriller that does not get predictable at any point, and offers surprises until the end. Paramporul is definitely worth watching in theatres for thriller fans.  Paramporul Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Paramporul Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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