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Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum – Songs Review

Review Overview

July Madham
Bachelor Enakke
Theme Thunder (Trance)
Theme Storm (Indian)
Theme Breeze (African)
Theme Marriage

Lackluster Try

Natarajan Sankaran, the music director roped in for this movie has a long way to go. We feel we can give a short and quick thumbs up for “Bachelor Enakke”.

Cast : Arulnith, Bindhu Madhavi, Ashrita Shetty

Music : Natarajan Sankaran

Direction : Chimbu Devan

Label : Divo


  1. July Madham – The song has the 80s feel to it especially the orchestrated work. The song has few discontinuities but the vocal of NareshIyer is the only selling point of the track. [2.5]
  2. Moonukodi – A typical folk song sung by ManickaVinayagam and ChinnaPonnu. We feel it’s been made too fast and falls off track [2.25]
  3. Bachelor Enakke – A typical gaanapaatu from GaanaBalaa who has interstingly collaborated with PremjiAmaran. It’s got-a-college-feel probably to impress the young gen crowd.  [3]
  4. Theme Thunder (Trance) – We’re not sure why this genre is considered for this album. Nothing officially trance about it! [1.5]
  5. Theme Storm (Indian) – From Trance we shift to Indian, Too many instrument being simultaneously played with not so enjoyable vocalisation. Pass! [1.5]
  6. Theme Breeze (African) – Another attempted theme track giving a jungli feel of bongos and tribal beats. We will skip to the next track [1.5]
  7. Theme Marriage – The last track of the album is again a background score. Its got a dramatic feel but we feel the “wah-wah” vocals could have been avoided. [2.25]