OK Kanmani Movie Review

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Graceful comeback, tasteful romance!

With Ok Kanmani, Mani Ratnam has made clear that he is the most romantic contemporary film-maker at heart in Tamil cinema. The film is a celebration of how magical Mani Ratnam movies can be if he plays to his strengths.

Cast: Dulquer Salman, Nithya Menen, Prakash Raj, Leela Samson, Kanika, VJ Ramya & Others

Cinematography: PC Sreeram

Music: AR Rahman

Editing: Sreekar Prasad

Costumes: Eka Lakhani

PRO: Nikkil Murugan

Written & Directed by: Maniratnam 

Production Banner: Madras Talkies

Distribution: Studio Green

Release Date: 17-04-2015

Run Time: 02:19:00 

With Ok Kanmani, Mani Ratnam has made clear that he is the most romantic contemporary film-maker at heart in Tamil cinema and the most original story-teller when it comes to urban romance, his forte.

Mani Ratnam has spilled magic on screen with his visual composition to tell an effective story of a breezy live-in relationship between a vibrant young couple. Ok Kanmani is a celebration of how magical Mani Ratnam movies can be if he plays to his strengths.

The film narrates the story of Aadhi (Dulquer Salmaan) and Tara (Nithya Menen) who believe that ‘marriage is for fools’ but they both have a different reason for their belief. The story starts with Aadhi and Tara, who after small talks at few occasions, decide to engage in a live-in relationship.

The way Mani has shaped their relationship with a deft balance between emotions, comedy and liveliness is an absolute delight to watch. The overall effect is magical. While Mani explores intimacy and freedom with his tongue-in-cheek, subtle dialogues, Ok Kanmani is still a provocatively-relevant film about how live-in relationships are perceived in our society.

It takes some time to getting used to the characters, including main leads, in the first thirty minutes. Except for Prakash Raj, the casting feels odd at few junctures but the oddity doesn’t last long for we are naturally invested in the story and become comfortable approaching it at a point. Leela Samson, who plays Prakash Raj’s wife and is an Alzheimer’s patient, puts a smile on your face steadily.

Nithya Menen is the fulcrum around which Ok Kanmani is constructed, with a fabulous performance from Dulquer Salmaan. They make a dream pair and compliment each other beautifully. Their chemistry is on par, if not better, with Maddy and Shalini’s in Alaipayuthey. Nithya Menen lights up the screen with her gorgeous smile even in the most self-conscious situations. The playful verbal jousting between the leads is made even more enjoyable with the live sound. Both Dulquer and Nithya Menen look comfy with their lines and make the proceedings natural.

PC Sreeram’s lyrical frames are top notch. The variety of tones he has employed to capture the beauty of Mumbai shows the aesthetic brilliance of the master. With and Ok Kanmani, he has already produced this year’s most indulging works behind the lens. With most of the songs used as situational pieces, AR Rahman has again experimented with his background score and succeeds in it.

With a vulnerable premise like live-in relationship, Mani Ratnam has smartly managed to present the essential niceties needed for the story and safely skipped the niggling details that might end up controversial. The transformation of the film from being an unrequited love story between a carefree couple to being a matured relationship with unspoken desire is splendid.

OK Kanmani Movie Review Rating :  3.25/5

Written by Surendhar MK