Oh My Kadavule Movie Review

Ashwath makes a classy and cool debut with this refreshing romantic comedy that comes with some solid performances. Here goes our Oh My Kadavule Movie Review.

Oh My Kadavule Movie Review

A fresh and fantastic romantic comedy that does the trick!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Romance is a path less traveled in Tamil cinema. The genre has been largely misunderstood as a tool to drive away the initial portions of a film, but once in a blue moon, a team bravely picks up the sword to end up as the winner. Oh My Kadavule is definitely one of the freshest, enjoyable films in the genre, as it does its best to sweep our feet and make us fall in love with its world and the characters.

The film is mainly based on the three characters played by Ashok Selvan, Ritika Singh and Vani Bhojan and the relationships that they share. The film starts off in a jolly and lighthearted fashion, but begins to peak emotionally as soon as Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Thilak (entertaining special appearances) enter the frame.

The fantasy angle to the film brings in a new streak and makes it exciting to watch, and the best part is about how writer-director Ashwath defines his relationships superbly apart from getting the pacing of the film right.

He lets us take time to understand his characters and their dynamics, and then approaches their strengths and weaknesses in the second half with a matured mindset. It is really cool how he stays away from the candyfloss romance that we are usually bombarded with, while keeping the classy urban setting intact. The final forty minutes of the film are beautifully knit together, making you want more peeks into the lives of the characters even after the film ends.

Ashok Selvan gets an opportunity to showcase almost all the emotions in the book when related to this genre, and though it does seem a little over-exaggerated at the start, he binds in very well in the all-important latter portions of the film. Ritika Singh once again makes a very good choice, and puts in her best efforts to pull off a role that demands a lot of variant expressions. Vani Bhojan makes a very good silver screen debut, and has done justice to the role without overdoing it. What is most enjoyable here is Vijay Sethupathi’s excellent cameo, which comes in with just the right amount of energy along with Ramesh Thilak who is a natural. The rest of the cast come in and do their job right, with a special mention to Shah Ra who has been used in the right way by the director.

The music by Leon James is a big plus for the film, be it the songs or the background score which are utterly important to the proceedings. The cinematography by Vidhu Ayyana spans a lot of fantastic locations and captures them wonderfully, as it stays bright and effective right until the very end. Technically, Oh My Kadavule stands tall as a very good team effort that bears the right fruit.

The film might have done with some more flesh in the first half, as things do take a lot of time to come together, but the second half is packed with many beautiful stretches that ought to touch your heart. Go and watch Oh My Kadavule if you are a fan of the genre, for this is a neatly made film that will get your glee going. Oh My Kadavule Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Oh My Kadavule Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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