Oh My Dog Movie Review

Arnav Vijay makes an impressive debut with Sarov Shanmugam’s likeable entertainer. Down goes our Oh My Dog Movie Review.

Oh My Dog Movie Review

A clean, enjoyable entertainer tailor-made for the younger ones!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Tamil cinema has already brought us many films made on animals and the things that happen around them. But taking a different route from what we have already seen so far, Sarov Shanmugam’s Oh My Dog is an interesting tale that keeps us engaged until the end despite some forced angles.

Fernando (Vinay) runs a breeding centre where he brings up some of the most talented dogs that keep winning competitions worldwide. When one of the dogs turns out to be a blind one, he plans to kill it. However, the dog escapes from his assistants and lands into the hands of Arjun (Arnav Vijay) who takes care of it silently. When his dad (Arun Vijay) and his family come to know of it, things take a turn and the road goes back to Fernando and the competition arena.

Oh My Dog is made with some really good sensibilities in the first half, especially. Director Sarov Shanmugam sets up the tale interestingly with some cute elements coming in from time to time, and making us smile. There are a lot of moments in the first half which will surely go down well with all the members of the family, especially the younger ones.

As the film moves into the second half, it impresses in patches as there are a few forced elements which feel like they have been put into the film in order to while away some more bits of the runtime. The climax however, is redeeming and will work fine with a majority of the audiences.

Arnav Vijay makes a superb debut and carries out his role in supreme touch. There is a lovely relationship portrayed onscreen between Arnav and the dog, which turns out to be the heart of the film. Arun Vijay and Vijaykumar come in as the real-to-real father and grandfather, and do a good job along with Mahima Nambiar who is apt as the wife. The film’s grouse in the casting department is Vinay, who feels too similar to how we have seen him in Doctor and Etharkkum Thunindhavan.

Technically, Oh My Dog is a fine fit and the departments work well with a special mention to Nivas K Prasanna’s freewheeling score that suits the film.

On the whole, Oh My Dog will be a very entertaining film for the younger ones in the house, who are sure to go back to it for repeat watches as well. The film is a neat watch for those who are looking for a simple, feel-good drama.  Oh My Dog Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Oh My Dog Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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