Nalanum Nandhiniyum Movie Review

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Technical Aspects & Music

A run-of-the-mill affair

Nalanum Nandhiniyum, though with a good premise and cast, suffers from narrative shortcomings in its entirety.

Cast : Michael Thangadurai, Nandita, Jaya Prakash, Azhagam Perumal, Soori, Venkat Prabhu (cameo) and others.

Music : Ashwath Naganathan

Cinematography : Nizar 

Editing : IJ Alen

Written & Directed by : Venkatesan R

Produced by : Ravindar Chandrasekaran

Banner : Libra Productions

Release Date : 18-07-2014

Run Time : 02:12:00


Nalanum Nandhiniyum attempts to leave its footprint in the big screen competing with the other releases this July. Michael and Nandita play leads in the film directed by debutant Venkatesan and produced by Ravinder Chandraseker for Libra Productions. The casting is big and is bound to create positive vibes for audiences with big names including Soori, Jayaprakash, Azhagam Perumal, Renuka, Venkat Prabhu and many others. The story of Nalanum Nandhiniyum can be summed up in one line as “Behind Every Successful Man There Is a Woman”. Yet this forum is not new to cinema still directors take up this plot for the kind of success this fruitful message offers them.

In a family drama and an emotional mind-play, normally directors who make their debut come out with their narrations inspired from their real life incidents or their friends to touch and sympathise with the pulse of the audiences. Have they succeeded? Yes some would have, but many attempts have gone wrong for their narration shortcomings and they fail to strike a chord with the emotions of the audience. Director Venkatesan getting the first chance should have taken it up seriously and for no reason should go wrong.

When an attempt is made about real or inspired plots there should be soul in their narration that will allow the audience enjoy and remember the coincidence that they have come across. Michael and Nandita are related to each other and obviously the parents have planned their marriage when they are kids. Michael turns into an engineering graduate and Nandita stays in her college days. As days pass the family terms go wrong, but the lead fall for each other despite their parents opposition and get married. Nothing new the parents close their doors the hard way and the pair then move on to Chennai to seek for their future and Nandita starts her work as a school teacher and Michael stays at home. At point Nandita plans to inspire and motivate her husband and provoke him to join as an associate director in the film industry. What happens then how has it worked for their future is the remaining.

Soori comes for short time and impresses very less contrary to his ability. Jayaprakash and Renuka have been denied enough screen space to perform to their potential. Michael struggles in his expressions and Nandita, after her fantastic outing in Mundasupatti, delivers a middling performance. There cannot be doubts about the casting talent but they should be fed with enough space for performance by the director. Narration has nothing new to offer and the makers have to accept the response from the fans for they are the real jurors. Music is scored by Ashwath and “Vadakaiku Koodu” is to listen for and that one is not enough for the music lovers. Overall Nalanum Nandhiniyum suffers scarcity in the narration.

Nalanum Nandhiniyum Movie Review Rating: 2.25/5